The finest fish and chips in Peterborough

About Parrotts Fish & Chips

Parrotts Fish & Chips is a family run business with a long history in the Peterborough area. We are well known for our quality fish and chips and our premises is spread over two floors, each with its own unique atmosphere. We don’t enter competitions, we just concentrate on consistently serving our customers good food, every day. Even so, we were named ‘Best Fish & Chip Shop’ by the Peterborough Telegraph.

Our History

Our family have been involved in the fish and chips business since 1968. Parrotts Fish & Chips was opened in 1981 and moved to our current premises in 1986. If our decades of experience have taught us anything, it’s that using premium ingredients and traditional methods produce the best results. That’s the way we run our business and that’s how our huge number of loyal customers like it.


Our Produce

We believe that there’s no point in being expert fish and chip fryers if you are going to use substandard produce. Our ingredients are locally sourced wherever possible and we always buy sustainably caught fish. We have been supplied with potatoes by the same merchant for more than 20 years and have been using our fish supplier for over 40. This means we know the origin of everything we use.

Allergy Information

Before placing your order please inform a member of our Staff if a person in your party has a FOOD ALLERGY or a SPECIAL DIETARY requirement on any of the following products below.

  • MILK
  • EGGS

Please ask a member of our Staff for information on all Ingredients /Allergies to the food you are ordering, as we have a full written list of all Ingredients/ Allergy information on all products we sell.

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